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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New short story for TLAM fans!

Hey, beautiful people! I have been hard at work on a new short story that will offer some insight on one of the main characters in the Monster Love Series. Any guesses? If you said the detective that visits Sebastian in the hospital, Jon Malik, you are DEAD WRONG! That short story has been available to read for free for some time. (Go to FREE READS on my site to find it). No, the character that will be featured is the hot twin brother, Giovanni Buio. His past will be addressed as well as insight as to what really happened after he was taken by the vampire guards. (Read TO LOVE A MONSTER, PART 1). You will finally get to know how his mate died and what he did to cause it. I know it's good. So again new short story available on May????. And (drum roll please!) It will be FREE! Yes, free for download on most e-readers. So check my site or go to for an update on the actual release date. Take care. xo P.s Any comments and ideas on this series, tweet it using #TLAM

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