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Thursday, April 4, 2013

TLAM- The way it was meant to be read!

Hey, beautiful people! As you've heard (for those of you who follow my site) the unedited version of TO LOVE A MONSTER is out and it is available in paperback only. You can preview it on my blog page, if you like what you see you can purchase it for under $7! Just click on the shopping cart on the preview screen. Also the next short story in the monster love series is almost finished and it should be ready soon, so keep your fingers crossed! This story will answer some questions that you have been waiting for... Giovanni's dark past and how he lost his parents and ultimately became a werewolf. So that is all I have. If anyone has any ideas for a book trailer, just send me a comment or would like to create a video about the series, I am sure I can send you a reward for all your hard work. Take care. Till next time!

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