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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have to concentrate now...

I have been hard at work on marketing the upcoming paranormal book "Chasing Demons". It is an exhaustive process. I am wondering if I should have someone do this part. My first e-book report will be free to all come Oct. 1st. (Although there are several sites that have it for free already and I am okay with that as long as it is being read) That is when I will also start giving free previews of my next book. So, along with all that I am busy finishing my third book, which will be the first to have a professional editor. It will cost some money but it will be worth it. That one will be a Christmas release, I am hoping since the book takes place during the winter, so I think that will be a great time. Keeping my fingers crossed. So if you know of any good inexpensive editors, let me know, I will appreciate it. Now on with the typing!

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