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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Monster Lovers resolution

Hey, beautiful people! Well hope everyone had a great holiday! And now it's time for some resolutions. Mine are kept. My New year's resolution was to release my sci-fi novel (not titled yet)...but it is coming. How did you like the ending to Monster Lovers? Hated it? Loved it? I truly would like to know my fans' opinions on this. If you had read the free download "A Monster That Couldn't Love"(available on itunes or on the site) and actually understood it (it was hard to read)...well, it revealed that Giovanni was the one who killed Sebastian's parents. They were dead all along. And the two lovers..well, one killed his parents, the other is dead..a vampire who never paid attention to Sebastian, yet someone who would give his life for others. Sebastian is the lonely nerd who almost got the guy, but had to endure many sacrifices to see what love really was like and he felt it by loving these two complete opposites. Take care! Go to the site and download the free PDF file and free short stories to get you started on the Monster Lovers journey...farewell.

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