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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Promises, Promises!

Hey, beautiful people! Well, the ending to Monster Lovers is coming I can promise you that. I feel bad when things beyond my control happen and the schedule I had planned goes out the window. For those still waiting for is come(ing)...I promise you this. Now, as for the indie movie the story has been cut down to tell the first episode of the series. It will feature the love between two friends, the party, the boys, and the clubs. All of it coming to a dramatic conclusion with Sebastian's first monstrous shift. (TAN! TAN!) So how would you end the first episode of Monster Lovers? Should it be rewritten to end with their first kiss, which spirals Sebastian's feelings and changes his life forever? Give me your thoughts on this, tweet me or send me a direct message, either way love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Also the funding is still another problem I'm facing, the only way to do this will be to hire actors and people with some film experience for free...maybe friends if I find some locally. Well, take care of each one else will. matter how...just love. xo EV

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