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Friday, December 19, 2014

Recap of last short story and the finale to Monster Lovers

Hey, beautiful people! I've been busy editing Monster Lovers and buying X-mas gifts! The date of the release for the last short story is still set for Dec. 25th, and I hope there are no drawbacks (like always). If you haven't read the last ebook (skip this paragraph)****spoiler alert**** Yes, it is true- George is back from the dead...How you may ask? Well it will be revealed by the end of the series...but it is a joyful reunion for both brothers who haven't seen each other in months, and of course for Sebastian, this is hell.Why? Since he has agreed to become Giovanni's mate he is now torn between both brothers. And yes, at the end of the last one, Giovanni leaves Sebastian. But is it over between them...far from you have to read on...just to see who gets to keep Sebastian's heart. There is also a war, hinted on in the last story, werewolves and vampires will battle it out for control of the island...Who will win? Find out in a few weeks! Hope everyone has a great holiday! P.S. There will be a crowd funding for investment in the upcoming indie movie, with awesome gifts for donating, so go to the website for details on that. *****check out theses beauties below---Giorgio/Giovanni hmmmm?**************

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