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Monday, September 29, 2014

Last two to go!

Hey, beautiful people! Monster Lovers will see it's final short story later this year. The next one is almost here! I want you the fans to decide on the title of this next one! #1- We are all Monsters #2 After the Venom Flows Which do you like best? Tweet me or let me know by leaving a comment on Facebook. Anywho....big things are about to go down. First, if you haven't signed up to the Fan Club, do it now! It's FREE! An exclusive short story will soon be emailed next week to all who have signed up. It will be in PDF format, to browse on your computer or tablets (Adobe needs to be installed on your device for it to work, its a free download @ Monster Lovers #6 will be out a week after that (fingers crossed!). There will be steamy kisses and love scenes (not too xxx, but hot nonetheless) and of course alot of death scenes since we are nearing the end! Kisses 2 all! ooooooooooooooooo -EV

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