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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Hey, beautiful people! Monster Lovers rejoice! The third part in the gay romance serial is available to download. SAVAGE MONSTERS IN LOVE. Bad news is...right now it's available for Kindle and Nook readers only. Apple store and Kobo coming in a few days! So in this short story, Sebastian finds himself on a secluded island, with no clothes and no food. He soon encounters a colony of werewolves who have sealed off the island to vampires and humans for centuries. Sebastian will meet a familiar werewolf and maybe he'll find love once again. But there is a pack of rogue werewolves out for blood and they have their eyes set on Sebastian! Will he survive this new threat? Read to find out. Monster Lovers # 4 is already edited and on its way, scheduled for next month. And hoping, with luck, there will be a new story every month after that. Also, don't forget the two free short stories that are available now, they tie with the Monster Lovers series, giving you a background story for our main characters. Good reading! xo www,

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