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Monday, June 10, 2013

Another free ebook download!

Hey, beautiful people! Proud to present "Monster Hunt", a short story that will intertwine with the Monster Love series. This short is about Jon Malik, the detective seen in ML#1 and "A Monster that Couldn't Love", another short, both available right now for free @ my site. It follows Jon on his daily routine as a detective involved with a secret agency only known to us as P.C.C.U.. You will read what horrors he'd seen out in the streets of NY and will(of course) get some answers to ML#1. Another thing I have to get off my chest..many have argued about the complexity of reading "A Monster That Couldn't Love". It is told by Giovanni's POV and if you've read ML#1, his New York accent is very bad and the fact that he grew up in the streets and profoundly illiterate, is the point I was making with the short. This short was originally to be included in ML#1 but it was too confusing for some readers and that is why it was deleted and is now a separate story and a freebie for Monster Love fans out there. I commend you if you've read this one all the way to the is rewarding, is it not? A secret is revealed that will shock ML fans! Now for those of you waiting for ML#2, I can tell you this. Rough Draft is finished and I am editing as you read this...well I can't say much, but some characters will be returning...Can you guess who? xoxo

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