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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working on the next chapter of the gay werewolf series!

Hey, beautiful people!

Well, it has been some time, but with the holidays and all I haven't been so productive. I am writing the next chapter to the werewolf series (up on my site under FREE READS @ ) And it is getting good. Let's catch you up. Sebastian and George are best friends. George is kidnapped by a monster, who happened to be Sebastian in werewolf form. HE was bitten by George's twin Giovanni. George is found dead. Was it his best friend? Giovanni is out for revenge and finds Sebastian! He is about to kill his brother's killer, but he is saved by a teen witch, a girl by the name of Amaris. They seek refuge in an abandoned church, where they are safe from the werewolf outside...Who killed GEorge? Is he really dead? Find out in the coming chapters...

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