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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Writer's block...

Don't you hate it when it happens? Well, I am experiencing it now. Where will the characters of my gay love story go? For those of you who have not read the short stories (chapters) then go and do so (just click the link on the youtube video on chapter one: Sometimes it Hurts. Now here is a recap of what has happened. Giorgio and Sebastian are best friends, Giorgio is the sexy teen who sleeps with everyone, Sebastian is the handsome nerd who reads alot and is in love with his friend. Sebastian sleeps with a guy he thinks is Giorgio, but is in fact his twin brother, a werewolf who has bitten him.Giorgio finds out about his friend's bite and witnesses Sebastian transform before his eyes. He is taken by a monstrous beast into a cave, where he is forced to be the shifter's love slave.  Where do I go from here? Any ideas? Email at top of page.

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